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ARTWORK for custom/personalised products must be 300 dpi (dots per inch) at actual size or greater in JPEG/.jpg format.

It’s best to avoid any extremely fine detail/texture or type/font under 12 point in size. Our process does not allow for greyscale or gradient production, so artwork should be in black and white only, ie: without grayscale/shading. Greyscale/shading effects can be achieved using halftone patterns, but results can be unpredicatable. 

A suitability check will, of course be done, prior to any production and discused with the customer.

Remember, we can create artwork for you – cost will vary depending on what you need. A simple re-sizing of a logo or addition of wording is unlikely to incur any design fees – creation or re-purposing of logos and creation of designs will be priced according to the estimated time/complexity.